Dab ECG holter patch

Poizo smart space heater

The results of a medical examination depends not only on accurate measurement but also on ordinary user behavior. Most of the patients behave differently under Ecg holtering, which leads to non-accurate diagnosis. There are many reasons causing this change in behavior, some of them are  practical, which could be easily improved, but some of them are emotional. Existing solutions are mainly improving technology, not the user experience as the design of Dab.

Dab is an unobtrusive Ecg holter patch combining recent holtering technology with it's users behavior in focus. Dab is aimed to minimize medical instrument size by reducing electrode distances. It is recording data with permanent high-quality dry electrodes. The redesigned way of applying the sensor onto the body makes it effortless and intuitive. Thanks to these changes we can achieve better user experience, while significantly reducing disposable items, manufacturing, and maintenance costs.

Objective: research, concept development, prototyping, user tests

Client: Maform Kft.

Year: 2017



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