Simple Face Shield - Legal Disclaimer

By downloading the technical description and design files you agree with the legal disclaimer stated below.

FOR USERS - terms, conditions and mainstream law of use


Please, read the following informative carefully, which contains terms and conditions of making and using this faceshield. The followings are prevailing for designer (hereinafter: “designer”) and users, manufacturers and recipients (hereinafter: “users”),

1.      Technical description and design of the faceshield is available for all persons and entities (including private persons, companies, other organizations). The technical description and design is free, it is not made for regular business activity or business market placing.

2.      Users make and use the faceshield for their own reponsibility. Designer can not direct, control or supervise the process of manufacturing. Users must always keep the provisions of the technical description carefully, designer does not undertake the financial or legal responsibility for infractions of the above.

3.      The faceshield is not count as medical device, thereby it is not appropriate for preventing/obstructing/averting of infections or further infections. Designer does not undertake financial or legal responsibility for accidental diseases beside using the faceshield, in view of that the faceshield is not certified for medical targets. Using the faceshield does not substitute masks, rubber gloves and disinfectaft products, and the effects of the aboves.

4.      Manufacturing of the faceshield is only safe from materials (specially: PET/PET-G/A-PET), devices and process marked in the technical descriptions. Users hereby accept that using different materials, devices and process may cause damages, for which (for example but not exclusively material or technical damages) designer does not undertake financial or legal responsibility.

5.      Designer does not undertake financial or legal responsibility for misused or irregular using of the faceshield. The followings (for example but not exclusively) are considered as misused/irregular usings:

-   using the faceshield for outdoor or indoor sports, activities,

-   using the faceshield in presence of toxicant or poisonous materials and fabrics,

-   using the faceshield in presenmce of open flames or high temperature, 

-   using the faceshield while smoking or using smoking imatation devices, 

-   using the faceshield instead of/together with labour protection and safety devices,

-   using the faceshield with any other devices which can obstruct continuous breathing.

Technical description and design files are available here.



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